Cryotherapy in Phoenix: Freeze Your Soreness Away

Heal sore muscles and restore balance.

Do you often suffer from sore muscles and joint pain?

Would you like to rejuvenate your body and skin?

Are you happy with a relaxing massage, but would love to try something new, something different?

Are you the daredevil amongst your friends, being the first in line to climb mountains and swim a rapid stream?

Then you’ve got all the boxes checked off for Cryotherapy.

If you check the dictionary, you’ll find that cryotherapy comes from the Greek words cryo (cold) and therapy, meaning cure. Cryotherapy generally covers a range of treatments that include something cold, but most people use the term cryotherapy to refer to whole-body cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy is a treatment where you’ll be exposed to super cold, dry air – we’re talking −180° F to −220° F cold – for a short amount of time, three minutes. Why would anyone want that, you ask? Cryotherapy promises to relieve muscle pain, sprains, and swelling, as well as delivering younger-looking skin, a better mood, and increased energy. In short, even if you enjoy soaking up the Arizona sun instead of living in a place where winter is in full swing, this process will rejuvenate your body, mind, and your skin.

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What Is Cryotherapy?


ryotherapy literally means “cold therapy.” As such, it is a technique where people expose their body to freezing temperatures for several minutes. Apart from the present-day whole-body cryotherapy that you can get in a beauty practice or at a spa, it is also used in medicine, where doctors freeze off warts or cells that might turn into cancer. You have probably used one form of cryotherapy in your lifetime: putting a pack of ice on a sprain.
Today, when someone mentions cryotherapy, they usually mean whole-body cryotherapy: standing or sitting in a cold booth for several minutes.
If you’re unaccustomed to the cold, the idea can be quite appalling – and so can the treatment itself. Don’t worry, though, it only gets better with time!
By stepping into a cold chamber where the temperature drops between negative 180° F to −220° F, you will treat your body to a wide range of health benefits: cryotherapy helps to heal sore muscles, combats inflammation, rejuvenates the skin and hair, boosts your metabolism, helps with anti-aging, and makes you sleep like a baby!

How Does Cryotherapy Work?

o achieve extremely cold temperatures, cryotherapy chambers usually use either liquid nitrogen or refrigerated cold air. Of course, if you’re in the liquid nitrogen chamber, rest assured that there’s no danger from you touching it!
The chamber is big enough to host an adult, with an opening for the head on top.
Being in a cryotherapy chamber, with the temperature below –180° F, stimulates cold shock. When the body experiences a cold shock, it starts a self-repair process, which leads to a faster recovery, pain management, and anti-inflammation, along with enhancing your mood, decreasing everyday stress, improving your skin, and working wonders for your sleep.
How does cryotherapy achieve this? Cryotherapy brings the body temperature down at the tissue and cellular level. The drop in body temperature vasoconstricts the blood vessels quickly returning the majority of the blood to the heart. Immediately after the treatment the blood vessels with slowly vasodilate as they adjust to the room temperature and bathe your body with freshly oxygenated blood.
During the treatment, you will wear minimal clothing (underwear without metal accessories), as well as gloves and socks. This is to ensure that you don’t suffer a cold-related injury, such as frostbite.

What Can Cryotherapy Do For You?

If you feel that your sore muscles are posing an unnecessary burden in your life but don’t know how to solve them, cryotherapy might be perfect for you. It’s so good at healing sore muscles that it has been actually popularized by professional athletes! Cryotherapy is even available in some gyms.
Other benefits of cryotherapy include assistance in weight loss, younger-looking skin, and improved mood and energy. But because cryotherapy fights inflammation, it might even help treat conditions like Alzheimer’s, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, or migraines!

One, Two, Three, Done!


o you know of a quicker way to heal your muscles and relieve the pain? We can’t think of any. No matter how well you take care of yourself in the gym, accidents happen. Even the simplest things like walking can lead to a mishap and a twisted ankle. Cryotherapy helps with that in as few as three minutes! Many people feel the benefits after only one treatment, but it’s most effective when used regularly. Still, it’s only several minutes of your day!

Did you know that the first cryotherapy chamber was built in Japan in the late 1970s? It was introduced to Europe a decade later, and the US and Australia have been slow on the cryotherapy bandwagon, only having started using it in the past decade.

Reduced Inflammation as the Basis of Other Benefits

Cryotherapy is proven to reduce inflammation. Inflammation in itself isn’t something bad: it’s just the way our immune system fights off infection. But sometimes the immune system can get overly reactive, and that leads to chronic inflammation, which can be linked to some serious issues such as depression, dementia, diabetes, arthritis, and even cancer. By reducing inflammation, you will improve your health in general, and reduce the risk of these diseases.

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