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New Year, New Health & Glow: How to Achieve The Best Skin You’ve Ever Had

Kristina Cadwell  
December 30, 2020  
Losing weight is one of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions. If 2020. taught us anything, it’s to plan cautiously, as some things are beyond our decisions. However, supporting a healthy immune system is always a must, and healthy eating habits can contribute to creating glowing skin from within. We suggest you consider this anti-aging diet that begins with no sugar. It may sound hard, but the benefits are immense. Why no sugar? Sugar breaks down collagen, along with reducing the ability of white blood cells to fight off viruses and bacteria. Additionally, sugar encourages unhealthy yeast overgrowth in your gut. Not so attractive, right? On the other hand, banishing sugar from your life is difficult, and we know that. But that’s why we begin with a 14-day no sugar challenge. After you see results after such a short period, it will make it easier to commit to a low sugar diet for a long time. And the results we speak of? Think reduced wrinkles, lightened brown sport, reset taste buds, increased healing capacity, and reduced cravings. Are you in? Here’s how you can start

1. Stay Accountable to Yourself 

Overeating is easier when you don’t track what you eat and you “kind of” know what you had today. Change this by tracking everything you consume, and we mean everything, lattes included! Use an app such as My Fitness Pal, or just a good old journal. When you see what you’ve had so far and think about what you will eat later on, you’ll think twice before reaching for something sweet. 

2. Do It In Pair 

Is there anyone else close to you who you think may benefit from a no-sugar diet or just loves a challenge? Ask them to embark on a no-sugar diet journey with you. It can be a partner, friend, mom, sister, or anyone else you feel you can trust. When you have a partner in crime, you’re more likely to stick to the whole journey! 

3. Start Your Day Right 

And when we say right, we mean with warm lemon water. Did you know that thirst can actually feel like hunger, and you’ll reach for food instead of water that you need? Prevent this by drinking enough water. Your goal should be to drink half your body weight in ounces every day. 

4. Exercise 

Of course, we cannot fail to mention this. Exercise is great for your health and looks no matter what your goal is. Thirty minutes of vigorous movement in the morning will stabilize your blood sugar, release hormones that make you feel good and set the theme for the whole day. Knowing that you engaged in an exercise in the very morning, you will want to make better food choices. Try it! 

5. Know Your Alternatives 

If you usually drink fruit juice in the morning, swap it with a glass of celery juice. Fruit juices are full of sugar. On the contrary, celery juice makes the skin glow, supports the liver, and even suppresses food cravings. Research alternatives for your other habits, and then stick to them! 

6. Drink Black Coffee 

One such alternative is coffee, but we separated it from the rest because we know how important it is to many. If you usually reach for a mocha frappuccino or a latte with creamer and/or whipped cream, swap it with black coffee. Not only will you consume less sugar, but the usual add-ons make you crave more sugar, so when you skip them, you’ll resist more easily. 

7. Plan in Advance 

The biggest mistake is not having everything you need in the house, because then you may reach for sugary snacks because it’s easy. Keep ready-to-eat snacks such as cucumbers, carrots, and celery sticks in your fridge. When the sudden urge to snack on something hits, you know where to look! 

8. Know Your Levels 

Have you done your annual physical and blood test recently? You can do it with your PCP or our provider at Vibrant Vitality Clinic. This is to make sure your hormones are balanced, your vitamin D levels are within normal limits, as well as your blood sugar. You can also do the food sensitivity blood test to tell you which foods cause inflammation in your gut, so you avoid them. You’ll feel better and have fewer cravings! 

9. Don’t Eat All Day 

In fact, use a 12-hour window and try finishing eating by 7 PM. The period outside your eating window allows your GI tract to work hard and digest everything you’ve had. Then your body can focus on producing hormones and cellular repair while you sleep. 

10. Drink Tea Before Bed 

One final tip for our reads: a cup of warm herbal tea sets the mood for sleep and signals your body that it’s time to rest. If you can, try to be in bed by 10 PM. Adequate rest is essential for reducing cortisol levels, and it helps you make healthier choices throughout the day. 

Now you have it, 10 tips to go through a no-sugar diet in just two weeks! Tell us on our social media how it’s going. Of course, always talk to your healthcare professional before embarking on a new diet or exercise program. If you have abnormal blood sugar levels, this diet is not recommended for you. Schedule a consultation with Vibrant Vitality Clinic so we can come up with a program that’s right for you! 


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