Oral Skin Care: Taking Care of You From the Inside Out

A health tool for perfect skin.

Oral Skin Care: Taking Care of You From the Inside Out

A health tool for perfect skin.

What Oral Skin Care Do We Offer to Our Phoenix Clients?

We take oral skin care very seriously, because we only want the safest and best options for our Phoenix clients! At Vibrant Skin Bar, we offer three different options for you to choose from, depending on your needs and wants.

10 Day Detox Kit

Custom oral supplements and skin care kit proven to dry out acne and reveal beautiful skin.

Environmental Detox

Environmental and hormonal detox designed to bind and remove heavy metals, pesticides, excess estrogen, plastics, and food preservatives.

Nutrafol Hair Growth

Coming from Nutrafol — grow thicker, longer, healthier hair by feeding it at the source. 100% drug-free formulation backed by cutting-edge science.

Digestive Support

Help your digestion work like a clockwork. No more pain or discomfort!

Explore Our Other Customized Solutions

Are you looking to achieve the best skin of your life?

Do you feel that creams, serums, and treatments can only do so much for you?

Are you a proponent of a holistic approach, where you are mindful about your habits and routines because they affect how you look and feel?

If you live in Phoenix, we think you’ll love the oral skin care we offer at Vibrant Skin Bar. We’re well aware that beautiful skin and hair start within. Apart from getting all the right nutrients through your diet, you can help your skin and mane and enhance their beauty by taking medicine curated especially for you. Our medical doctor will examine you and come up with a unique regimen that targets problems and accentuates the fresh and healthy look.

Come in for a consultation. We will discuss with you your concerns and examine the current state of your skin and hair, so that we could prescribe you the best custom oral supplements for the perfect you.

The Osmosis 10 day detox was unbelievable! Just after the first couple of days, I started noticing my breakouts starting to disappear! Not only did the detox help clear my skin, but since finishing it, I have had less breakouts than I ever have!


Why Oral Skin Care?

ometimes topical treatments – i.e., creams, lotions, oils, and serums – can only do so much for your skin. Internal stress can release excess cortisol and have a negative impact on your skin and your body’s innate ability to grow hair. Oral supplements that allow your body to reduce excess cortisol, bind unwanted chemicals, feed hair and skin and reduce the conversion of testosterone to DHT, a hormone that inhibits hair growth, can have a huge impact. Treating problems at the source is always best because we all know the real glow comes from the inside. Excellent nutrition provided by oral supplements can give you the edge you have been looking for.

A Regimen Tailored For You

During your consultation, we’ll dive deep into your medical history, the medications you are taking, any current troubles and concerns, and your goals and what you would like to accomplish when it comes to your beautiful face and mane! This will enable us to tailor a unique regimen for you, whether you want to get rid of acne, detoxify your body, or increase growth of your hair. It will work because it is designed just for you!


Why Choose Vibrant Skin Bar?

If you feel that you aren’t getting all the benefits that usually follow your skin care routine, or that your hair has lost its natural shine, you might be a good candidate for one of our oral skin care regimens at Vibrant Skin Bar.

Our professionals will thoroughly examine your skin and discuss your concerns and wishes with you in order to offer you the best combination for your beautiful skin, hair, and the overall state of your body.  You will be in the hands of experts with vast experience who will easily determine the right combination and the dosage for you.

At Vibrant Skin Bar, we strive to continuously improve each day and stay on top of industry news. We value education and believe in life-long learning. That is why all of our staff are trained, certified, and professional, guaranteeing you an experience that will make you come back for more!

We value our clients and their trust, and will never ask you to undergo additional treatments you don’t need. In fact, we think you’re beautiful already – we just want to help you discover it yourself.

Schedule an appointment, and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Contact us today and book your appointment!