Vibrant Relora Supplement


Today’s hectic lifestyle makes people busier than ever, and under a lot of stress. Some people toss and turn during the night and long for just one night of blissful, uninterrupted sleep. Others rightfully blame stress for reaching for one piece of cake too many too often, and nibble on everything between the meals.

Whatever the behavior, there is one underlying cause: stress, and it’s leaving you feeling like you once again lost control.

Regain the control with the new, unique supplement on the market!

Relora® is a blend of plant-based extracts used to promote healthy levels of stress hormones, promote satiety and encourage healthy sleep. It also supports healthy weight and prevents stress eating, promotes relaxation, and  curbs stress-related eating.

When combined with a healthy diet and simple stress management techniques, the results speak for themselves.

Relora® is now available at Vibrant Vitality Clinic and our online shop!

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