Sofwave Full Face


Are you unhappy with lax skin that’s soft and exhibits some fine lines?

As we age, the skin naturally becomes more saggy due to the loss of collagen.

Sofwave is an excellent new high-tech treatment whose unique Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam SUPERB™ technology generates heat at the exact depth in the mid-dermis where wrinkles appear. The impacted treatment zones stimulate a healing response, called neo-collagenases, which increases and regenerates the collagen in the skin.

The skin is protected from the heat by an integrated cooling mechanism Sofcool ™.

Sofwave successfully reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and lifts the eyebrow, submental area and the neck.

During checkout please leave the name and phone number of the person that will be coming into our med spa for the treatment or call us at  (480) 422-2058 to schedule an appointment.

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