CoolSculpting 1 Cycle


Say goodbye to stubborn fat bulges forever with CoolSculpting!
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Tired of eating healthy and exercising regularly but still being stuck with stubborn bulges of fat? We hear you. That can be downright frustrating, as you know you’re doing everything you can!
But don’t fret. There’s a treatment that addresses precisely those pockets of fat that cannot seem t go away – ever. Meet CoolSculpting!
CoolSculpting is a form of cryolipolysis – fat reduction that removes body fat by freezing the fat cells away and killing them off. Forever!
Dozens of satisfied customers praise CoolSculpting for finally giving them the figure they have been wanting for a long time. Read more about the procedure on our website.
The treatment is done in cycles throughout several months for optimal results. We recommend six cycles. Get six cycles and save here!
Make sure to discuss your treatment option with Vibrant Skin Bar staff first to determine the right number of cycles.


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