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What Do We Offer?

Sometimes all the exercise in the world fused with the right nutrition cannot help you get rid of that stubborn fat found in your trouble areas.

Many people are bothered by their tummies, while others struggle to slim down their arms. Do you have a similar problem? Then you know all about the insecurity you experience when these trouble areas are exposed!

Luckily, you don’t have to be stuck with it for life. CoolSculpting is a device that works wonders to erase that stubborn fat by freezing it and letting your body naturally get rid of it.
Try a CoolSculpting treatment at Vibrant Skin Bar in the heart of Phoenix, where you’ll come in two or three times over the course of several months to say goodbye to that unwanted fat once and for all!

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CoolSculpting machine
  • Before and after Coolsculpting on buttocks
Kristina Cadwell explaining CoolSculpting

Vibrant Skin Bar Offers Vibrant Results!

When you diet and exercise, you shrink your fat cells, but they’re still there.
The CoolSculpting device has an applicator that sucks up unwanted fat. The applicator will then cool the fat cells and literally freeze them, in other words – kill them off. These dead fat cells will then exit your body through the regular work of your lymphatic system over the course of the next weeks and months.

This is approximately how long it will take you to notice the results. Some people may require an additional treatment or two. Generally, after a 4-6 month period you will notice full results and you’ll be able to see your problem area without any excess fat!


CoolSculpting treatment is not exactly a walk in the park, but Kristina and her staff made it more pleasant, so there's that. They are knowledgeable and kind and I kind of forgot that I wasn't comfortable. As for the results, I had to be patient, but I started seeing them finally and I'm happy and cannot wait for my next treatment.

I've always felt self-conscious when it comes to my lower belly, and as it's genetic, I couldn't have done anything to it, so I decided to try CoolSculpting. I loved that I could undergo CoolSculpting here in Phoenix, so I didn't have to travel! The procedure is... tingly! But I was able to just continue going about my day, which was nice. The Vibrant Skin Bar staff was making me laugh the whole time, which I appreciate. I noticed my first results in about ten days, which was a pleasant surprise, and I think this was the best decision I could have made.


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