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CoolSculpting in Phoenix and Scottsdale

Freeze Your Fat Away!

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Sometimes all the exercise in the world fused with the right nutrition cannot help you get rid of that stubborn fat found in your trouble areas.

Luckily, you don’t have to be stuck with it for life. CoolSculpting is a device that works wonders to erase that stubborn fat by freezing it and letting your body naturally get rid of it.

Try a CoolSculpting treatment at Vibrant Skin Bar in the heart of Phoenix, where you’ll come in two or three times over the course of several months to say goodbye to that unwanted fat once and for all!

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    What Is CoolSculpting ?

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    CoolSculpting is the name of both the device and the treatment this machine is used for. It is a branded form of cryolipolysis – fat reduction that removes areas of body fat by freezing the fat cells away and killing them off for good. CoolSculpting targets areas of the body that are difficult to erase by diet and
    exercise alone. 

    Unlike liposuction, which does the same thing, CoolSculpting is a noninvasive method and it won’t leave you with any scars.  

    CoolSculpting is FDA approved to specifically target fat cells, without posing a threat to other cells. This means that it won’t damage your skin or any underlying tissue. Rest assured CoolSculpting is only after your fat!

    CoolSculpting Before and After

    • Before and after Coolsculpting on buttocks

    CoolSculpting Testimonials

    CoolSculpting treatment is not exactly a walk in the park, but Kristina and her staff made it more pleasant, so there's that. They are knowledgeable and kind and I kind of forgot that I wasn't comfortable. As for the results, I had to be patient, but I started seeing them finally and I'm happy and cannot wait for my next treatment.

    I've always felt self-conscious when it comes to my lower belly, and as it's genetic, I couldn't have done anything to it, so I decided to try CoolSculpting. I loved that I could undergo CoolSculpting here in Phoenix, so I didn't have to travel! The procedure is... tingly! But I was able to just continue going about my day, which was nice. The Vibrant Skin Bar staff was making me laugh the whole time, which I appreciate. I noticed my first results in about ten days, which was a pleasant surprise, and I think this was the best decision I could have made.


    How Does CoolSculpting Work?

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    We all have a set number of fat cells in our bodies. This number differs from person to person, but it’s established during the childhood and adolescence, and doesn’t vary throughout life. What does change is the volume of the cells, so if you gain weight, it means that your fat cells have expanded.

    When you diet and exercise, you shrink your fat cells, but they’re still there.

    The CoolSculpting device has an applicator that sucks up unwanted fat. The applicator will then cool the fat cells and literally freeze them, in other words – kill them off. These dead fat cells will then exit your body through the regular work of your lymphatic system over the course of the next weeks and months.

    This is approximately how long it will take you to notice the results. Some people may require an additional treatment or two. Generally, after a 4-6 month period you will notice full results and you’ll be able to see your problem area without any excess fat!

    What areas can you treat with CoolSculpting at VSB in Phoenix and Scottsdale?

    ● Love handles (muffin tops)
    ● Upper and lower abdomen
    ● Inner and outer thighs
    ● Bra fat (back fat)
    ● Upper arms
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    CoolSculpting FAQ

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    What Is CoolSculpting?

    CoolSculpting is a body sculpting procedure that removes stubborn fat by literally freezing it. Unlike other ways of losing fat such as dieting and exercise, where existing fat cells are just being shrunk, CoolSculpting freezes them to the point where they die off and are then slowly removed from the body with the help of the lymphatic system. If you have bulges of fat that cannot go away no matter how hard you try, it might be time for you to try CoolSculpting and say goodbye to fat forever!

    How much does CoolSculpting cost?

    The cost of CoolSculpting depends on what area you want to treat, and subsequently, how many cycles the treatment will require. For a consultation and the exact price of CoolSculpting, contact Vibrant Skin Bar so we can determine your treatment plan!

    What happens after CoolScupting?

    The results of CoolSculpting come gradually. The fat cells are frozen during the treatment, but it takes time for them to die and be removed from the body. This is done through the lymphatic system and takes several weeks or moths. Throughout this period, you won’t feel the process – but you will begin to notice your results! After a 4-6 month period, you’ll see the results of CoolSculpting in their full glory!

    What Does The CoolSculpting treatment feel like?

    The CoolSculpting procedure feels a bit tingly – but it doesn’t hurt. If you’re worried whether the freezing temperatures that kill off fat cells will harm your skin and other tissues, the answer is – no, they won’t. You may also feel the coldness, but we will provide a blanket for you and be there for you throughout your CoolSculpting treatment so that overall, it can be a pleasant experience!

    Is CoolSculpting safe?

    Yes, CoolSculpting is completely safe. It is approved by FDA as a treatment that rids you of fat. Furthermore, it does no damage to internal tissues and has almost no side effects. They are rare and subside quickly.

    What is the difference between Coolsculpting and Liposuction?

    While CoolSculpting and liposuction are both methods for removing unwanted fat, that’s about where their similarities end. CoolSculpting is a non-surgical and non-invasive method. On the other hand, liposuction is a surgical method, which means it requires a lot more time to recover after the surgery. Furthermore, liposuction is usually used for large amounts of fat, while CoolSculpting is used for much smaller bulges of fat that just won’t go away in another way.
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