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What Do We Offer?

Are you ready to rejuvenate your body? Then take advantage of one of our body treatments for balanced health – Cryotherapy .

Cryotherapy is a treatment that will expose you to super cold, dry air – we’re talking −180° F to −220° F cold – for a short amount of time, three minutes. Why would anyone want that, you ask? Cryotherapy promises to relieve muscle pain, sprains, and swelling. Furthermore, its benefits are younger-looking skin, a better mood, and increased energy.

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When the body experiences a cold shock such as the one in cryotherapy chamber, it starts a self-repair process. This leads to a faster recovery, pain management, and anti-inflammation, along with enhancing your mood, decreasing everyday stress, improving your skin, and working wonders for your sleep.

Cryotherapy treatments ultimately lead to muscle soreness relief, restored skin, more youthful appearance, and improved mood and energy. You’ll leave our practice after any of the two treatments feeling reborn and oh-so-relaxed!


Heal sore muscles and rejuvenate the skin and hair by basking in the freezing cold.
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I may have never felt this much warmth rushing back to my body after a treatment like I did after Cryotherapy! I was just so thrilled, this was a great rush of endorphins. I work out at the gym regularly and switch things up a lot, so I'm used to feeling aches and pains, but they completely disappeared after Cryo. I felt light as a feather and so energized, and I slept like a baby afterwards.

In addition to my Sunday brunch with my friends, my weekly session of Infrared Sweat is my me-time! This is such a pleasant and warm treatment and I feel completely relaxed afterwards, and I notice a decrease in my cellulite as well. I don't plan to quit, ever!

I'm a literal Cryotherapy advocate. My arthritis is getting better and better each time I go into the cold chamber. I'm a member of the Vibe Tribe, which I recommend because I can enjoy more treatments for less money, and in my case, it's totally wort it. I'm so energetic and I feel my skin looks better after each time, my makeup glides onto my skin, I use less foundation, and oh yes, once I killed a hangover with this miracle treatment.


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