In March, we are excited to offer an exclusive Phoenician facial created with a new and local luxurious skincare line, Aline Scottsdale. This line was specifically created by Arizona dwellers, for Arizona dwellers to combat the harsh climate of the southwest.

Aline Scottsdale is a natural and organic skincare collection filled with effective nutrient dense botanicals for maximum results. There are three award-winning products- The Phoenician Youth Serum, The Arcadia all-in-one oil and The Goldwater White Rosewater Spray. The Phoenician Youth Serum is the ultimate “cocktail infusion” for your face packed with all-inclusive ingredients powered by vegan hyaluronic acid and uniquely paired with a special brightening blend of extracts, hydrating desert botanicals and infused with only the richest sources of Vitamin C. The Arcadia all-in-one oil is power-packed proprietary cocktail made for infusing the skin with the purest most essential active ingredients needed to retain moisture in unbalanced parched skin. One of them is Bakuchiol, a powerful antioxidant alternative to retinol, which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles without drying the skin. Last but not least, Goldwater Rosewater Spray can be used as a hydro-toner, hydrating facial mist and setting spray. Aline skincare was crafted with love and formulated to exhilarate healing, collagen synthesis, reduce inflammation and address all visible signs of aging, while restoring the natural moisture barrier of the skin.  The name Phoenician was famed in the ancient world for the miraculous ability to create awe-inspiring comebacks from devastating loss. Likewise, this facial will renew your skin, giving you pure miraculous results!

Get it for $85 throughout the month of March!

March is here, and we all know what it means: Spring Training! Both Phoenicians and visitors alike will gather to watch exciting games. All the good hormones are about to be released, as you’ll be out in the sun, spending time with your loved ones, and cheering for your favorite team. But the whole event can come with some downsides, as you may enjoy just a bit too much… Don’t worry, as our Spring Training Hangover IV Therapy will get you back to the Ball Park in no time!

Get it for $99 throughout the month of March!

Always wanted to have more luscious lips but feel that filler won’t cut it? How about this amazing combo: half a syringe lip filler AND Botox Lip Flip? Lip Flip will curl your upper lip just a little bit to achieve that amazing pout you’re after, especially together with the filler. We’re offering this promo throughout the month of March for only $375 – don’t miss it!

Warmer days are approaching at the speed of light, and while that means good mood and tanned skin, us Arizona dwellers know that the sun can be harsh in a myriad of ways. One of them: quicker development of fine lines in comparison to the rest of the world! You’ve probably had your fair share of squinting throughout the years – and unfortunately, it won’t stop! Here’s our solution for the upcoming season: purchase 2 syringes of Voluma, and we’ll treat your crow’s feet with Botox for free! Valid throughout March only!

NEW Shape of Summer Special Offer! Body Contouring Treatments

Starting March 2nd and running until May 29

$500 off with purchase of 6 cycles of CoolSculpting

Starting March 2nd and running until May 29

$800 off with purchase of 6 cycles of CoolSculpting + 4 CoolTone treatments.

Join us for the exclusive Happy Hour where we won’t be handling cocktails, but the magnificent vitamin B12! It will increase your energy levels, promote weight loss, and balance vitamin deficiencies.