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What Do We Offer?

At Vibrant Skin Bar, we offer three different chemical peels, each featuring one hydroxy acid to achieve amazing results you will love.
A chemical peel is a procedure used to reveal a smoother, brighter, and improved texture of the skin. The goal is to remove the top layers with the chemical solution, which is usually based on one of the acids used in the beauty industry. The process of healing the injury is also regenerating new tissue, making the new skin smooth, less wrinkled, clean, and younger-looking. Chemical peels at our luxurious medical spa in Phoenix can even treat some scarring, and they generally improve skin condition.
Suffering from dry patches, discoloration, or dull and tired skin? These issues are commonly addressed with a chemical peel.

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The VSB Amazing Results!

All of our peels use acids to break down the top layer of the skin and work on problems such as fine lines and uneven skin tone. You will notice the results after just the first treatment. In as few as three treatments, chemical peel can work wonders on your skin and give you the face you long for.
Come in for a free consultation. Our experts will examine your skin and recommend the best chemical peel for you. You will leave Vibrant Skin Bar looking beautiful and young, flaunting a natural glow.
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Skinbetter products are available through Vibrant Skin Bar as it’s an authorized physician partner. To check out more of the Skinbetter products, visit our online shop

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I had a wonderful chemical peel experience! Just after my first treatment, I started noticing great results within a few weeks and my skin was glowing! After a series of peels, it helped not only reduce inflammation, but also cleared up all of my stubborn acne

Chemical peels are one of my favorite ways to keep my skin looking young. I like that I can get them monthly and can have the amount of peeling customized to fit my schedule. Sometimes I really peel, but many times I don’t have time for that so I have a light peel done. My skin is left feeling tight, glowy, and super soft. I do chemical peels with a facial or dermaplaning if I really want to treat myself.


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