Infrared Sweat Lodge

Detox your body and feed your soul. Clinically-proven to reduce pain, assist in weight loss, reduce cellulite, assist in detoxification, clear skin and speed up fitness recovery.

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Vibe Tribe Infrared Sweat Wrap

Sweat yourself into balanced health using infrared heat technology. Our Infrared Sweat Wrap treatment is a relaxing soul-searching experience that takes your body and mind to a level of physical and spiritual cleansing. Hop into the Fit Body Wrap and enjoy music, watch your favorite show on Netflix, catch up on emails or meditate during a 50minute sweat session. Our skin care specialists will check on you throughout the treatment to refill water, provide cooling wash cloths and share words of encouragement. You are guaranteed to leave with a clearer mind and radiant glowing skin. Please visit for more information on the system we use.

Single Sweat


Our signature 50 minute sweat session

Bi-monthly Sweat


Hey glow-getter! You know how important it is for your skin to release what no longer serves you. Come twice a month and save big on your detox regimen.

Weekly Sweat Session


Come sweat with us every week. Release toxins, slim your waistline and catch up on your favorite shows. Our signature 50 minute sweat session every week!

Vibrant Sweat FAQ

What do I wear during the session?

Please come dressed in or bring a long sleeve moisture absorbing shirt, exercise pants and socks. A clean change of clothes to leave in is highly recommended. If you forget your clothes, no problem. We also have sweat suits for rent for $5.

How do I prepare for my treatment?

It is important to hydrate before, during and after the session. Replacing electrolytes with coconut water, a banana and/or a healthy salty snack is recommended after the treatment.

Will I be able to shower after?

It is recommended to wait at least 60minutes before showering so you maintain the health benefits of the heat. However, there is a shower available if you need to rinse off before you go. Please let us know if you plan to shower after so we can schedule the room accordingly.

Who should not use an infrared sweat wrap?

  • Pregnant woman should not have an infrared body wrap. Raising core body temperature can cause damage to the fetus.
  • Anyone with any cardiovascular or heart condition must have approval from their doctor before they can have an infrared body wrap.
  • If you have metal implants infrared body wraps are not recommended.
  • If you are sensitive to heat or have a fever infrared body wraps are not recommended.

Should I eat before?

A light snack 30-60minutes before the treatment is recommended.

Can I use the infrared body wrap if I have been consuming alcohol?

If you have consumed alcohol in the last 24hours infrared body wrap is not recommended. Drug use is also prohibited with the use of the infrared body wrap.

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