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If you suffer from fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, and scars, we have a perfect solution for you. These issues and other skin problems are easily resolved with two of our treatments: Microneedling and the Vivace Microneedle RF treatment. 

The two treatments work in a similar way. Microneedling creates ruptures in the epidermis – the top layer of the skin – using fine, tiny needles. This damage to the skin prompts the body to start the natural wound healing process: collagen and elastin production at the “injury” site will be much greater than usual. This will rebuild the derma, a deeper layer of skin.

Vivace combines microneedling technology with radiofrequency (RF) and LED light therapy. Radiofrequency is a proven skin tightening method that is also non-invasive, so the powerful combination works excellently to reduce fine lines, scars, and blemishes. It can also lift and firm sagging skin, making your appearance firmer and more youthful.

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The rebuilding process of microneedling makes the skin plumper, with restored elasticity, tighter, and with better texture and less scarring. All thanks to creation of new collagen and elastin when the skin is injured.
If you’re looking for the results that really are extra, know that the power of Vivace lies in combination with radiofrequency because of its heat energy that boosts collagen creation in deeper skin layers. This leads to firmer and smoother skin more quickly!

Our Treatments:


Rebuilds your collagen and makes your skin firmer and plumper.

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Vivace Neck 

Uncover younger-looking skin of your neck thanks to the production of new collagen and elastin.
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Vivace Chest

Taking years off of your chest with the unique combination of radio-frequency and LED light therapy.
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Vivace Face 

Boosts collagen and elastin production in both shallow and deeper layers of the skin.

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Our rejuvenation treatments build new collagen and increase cell turnover, 
creating a smooth and even complexion!

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I've felt self-conscious since puberty because of my acne scars, and I never would have done that again, but we don't get a second chance for being an adolescent. Anyway, I know better now, but I was left with a face that made me feel miserable almost every day. After microneedling, my skin has improved so much. I finally feel so confident with what I do! I love my skin!

The microneedling treatment was effective to lighten my hyperpigmentation. My skin felt smooth and looked radiant for weeks. The downtime was minimal, and I was able to conceal the redness with light powder after about 36 hours. I was initially hesitant due to fear of the discomfort, but it felt like a light prickly sensation. I would highly recommend microneedling for a fresh, vibrant appearance.


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