How to Support Your Immune System

Woman sleeping under a big cover

How can we make sure our immune system is in tip-top shape? How can we strengthen our immune system from the comfort of our own home? Everything you do all day is either helping or hurting the master circadian clock to synchronize body function. Setting a daily schedule that reinforces your body’s natural rhythm is the most powerful health habit you can adopt. Body temperature, hormone production, blood cell counts, BP, HR, Glycogen levels in the liver are all predictable with light-dark patterns.


Get to sleep before 10:30 PM and wake up by 6:30 AM. Am I getting 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep at night when it’s dark? Is your sleep environment encouraging uninterrupted sleep? Sound machines or white noise is a great way to encourage your body to go into a resting phase and decrease the amount of external disruptions. Cool room down to 73-75 degrees.

Water Consumption

Consume at least 5 ounces per pound or half your body weight in ounces daily. If you weigh 120 pounds drink at least 60 ounces per day. For those exercising, sweating or living in a dry climate as much as 10 ounces per pound is recommended with electrolyte balance. Consuming a salty snack and a food high in potassium such as a banana will allow the volume of water to be absorbed properly. Limit or avoid tap water and RO water when possible. Chlorine is a toxin and can accelerate the aging process and cause acne and rashes in the skin. Spring water and glacial water are the most energetically available forms of water and their natural mineral content create a very pleasing taste.

Timing of Meals

Eating the largest meal of the day mid-day when your digestive fire is at its peak will allow the body to effectively use nutrients in your food and burn calories while you are most active. It’s important to consume food only when it is light out. Your body’s internal clock is in tune with the light and dark cycles of your environment. The digestive tract slows down when the sun has set and consuming calories at this time can lead to digestive issues, weight gain and fatigue.


Fiber, fruits, veggies, limit refined sugar, meat, packaged foods. Daily consumption of Psyllium husk or soaked chia seeds is a great way to add fiber to your diet.


Infrared Heat is a phenomenal way to increase circulation and allow your body to let go of things that no longer serve it. Our skin is our body’s largest detox organ and sweat is a healthy way to keep it

Tongue Scraping

Look at your tongue daily. Any coating indicates the presence of toxins in the body trying to flush from your system. Need to make changes in your diet so bacteria aren’t accumulating in your mouth on your tongue. Tongue Scraper loosens toxins and should be done first thing every morning. When you reduce plaque buildup you reset taste buds, retain taste and diminish bad food cravings. A 30 -day tongue picture log is recommended to document changes in diet.


Early morning exercise supports healthy sleep cycles, weight and blood pressure. Glucose tolerance remains strong throughout the day so you can maintain healthy insulin levels. Early exercise primes the body to work optimally throughout the entire day.