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December 1, 2020  
As we prepare to flip our calendars to the year 2021, we look back and reflect upon one of the most challenging years of our lives. A year of loss and uncertainty, a year of re-evaluation of purpose and a year full of time to focus within. In a year such as this it may feel selfish or even inappropriate to prioritize feeling good but researchers like Laurie Santos at Yale University say pursuing happiness during dark times may be one of the most important times to seek it.

“Happiness gives us the resilience to get through. This is a challenging time because it is both a physical and mental crisis. We need to focus on happiness more now, not less.” Medical studies show that helping others in need can create joy in our lives and give us a purpose larger than ourselves to focus on. People dealing with a serious health crisis such as cancer, spinal cord injuries or debilitating chronic pain who find a higher sense of meaning in their journey experience better emotional well-being. When we switch from focusing on our personal sense of tragedy to encouraging and helping others who may have it worse, we feel deep joy. There are so many ways we can all make a difference helping those in need, especially during this holiday month. No gesture is ever too small. In fact, things that change the world, according to the Chaos Theory, are the tiny things and a 2020 bat is a perfect example of just that. Here are some ideas on how you can make a positive difference in the world and hopefully also find personal joy along the way.

1. Food Bank

Our local food banks are in great demand and developing an even greater need. Donating or volunteering can help feed many families in the community.

2. Non-Profits

There are so many non-profits to help people with housing, clothing, medical bills and even pets. Donations are currently at an all-time low so find one that it close to your heart and donate or volunteer.

3. Donate Blood

Blood donations have seen a big decrease with COVID-19 restrictions. One donation can save many lives, there is no better gift.

4. Holiday Giveaway

Adopt a family for Christmas, take an angel from a giving tree or drop off groceries to an elderly neighbor.

5. Homeless

Food, water, warm clothes, blankets, and funding for housing in our local shelters is seeing a growing demand. A simple acknowledgement as a fellow citizen and neighbor is also one of the most underestimated needs and looking at a person in the eye and smiling can go a long way. “If you see someone without a smile, give them yours.” Dolly Parton

6. Shop Local and Support Small Business

During the pandemic, many small businesses had to close their doors and large companies such as Amazon and Walmart and are hitting record numbers of sales. Spending money locally supports the local economy and your neighbors. Being that Vibrant Skin Bar is also a small business we understand the importance of helping support those in our community. Several of our product lines are made right here in our community. Advanced Minerals Makeup is made in Scottsdale AZ, Skin Better Science is headquartered in Phoenix and Osmosis MD is manufactured in Chandler, AZ. We are also currently working with a lab in Sedona to produce local body products such as scrubs and lotions. By keeping money in our neighborhood, where it can be reinvested again through other local shops and services is a cycle that keeps giving and in turn creates joy.

Happy Holidays from our family to yours. Wishing you a safe and healthy winter season and looking forward to the countdown to 2021.

Your Vibe Tribe


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