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What Is the RevitaPen Treatment?

Kristina Cadwell  
April 20, 2022  

People consider numerous factors when choosing an anti-aging cosmetic treatment, from its cost to the effectiveness and longevity of results. The treatment’s safety and non-invasiveness also play an increasingly important role in the patient’s decision.

The RevitaPen treatment is among the most popular anti-aging treatments because of its safety profile and the amazing results it provides.

Read on to learn how the RevitaPen works, who can benefit from the treatment, and what results to expect.

RevitaPen rejuvenation treatment

What Is the RevitaPen?

The RevitaPen is a non-invasive, anti-aging treatment often described as a no-needle alternative to microneedling. It involves the use of an innovative pen-like device with a spherical tip that creates nanochannels in the skin to enable the deeper penetration of a product called Osmosis Facial Infusion.

Retinaldehyde, a form of vitamin A, is the main ingredient of the Osmosis Facial Infusion. Its healing and protective properties aid the repair of environmental damage. The result is a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, inflammation, acne scars, and other skin issues.

How Does RevitaPen Work?

The cosmetic provider first cleans the patient’s skin and applies the Osmosis Facial serum.

The provider attaches a small, disposable stainless-steel head with a spherical tip to the RevitaPen device. The device has five speeds and different tip sizes, so it is customizable for each patient, their skin issue, and comfort level.

The cosmetic provider moves the RevitaPen across the patient’s skin in a crosshatch pattern, creating nanochannels in the upper epidermis and stimulating the skin’s regeneration processes, without causing any wounds or inflammation.

After stimulation with the RevitaPen, the cosmetic provider massages excess serum into the patient’s skin and applies a facial mask. The final step includes the application of a moisturizing and sunscreen product to protect the treated skin from the sun.

The RevitaPen portion of the treatment takes 15-20 minutes, while the whole session lasts approximately one hour.

RevitaPen can be used alone or in combination with other facials and cosmetic treatments such as microneedling with LED and radiofrequency or microneedling with PRP.

Note: Learn more about microneedling treatments.

RevitaPen Treatment Benefits

The RevitaPen treatment provides a wide range of benefits over time and with regular use. The benefits include:

  • Enhanced absorption of active serum ingredients.
  • Stimulated collagen production for 30 days.
  • Increased elastin production.
  • Increased skin firmness and elasticity.
  • Increased circulation and hydration.
  • Decreased inflammation.
  • Skin exfoliation.
  • Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Reduced hyperpigmentation.
  • Diminished acne scars.
  • Stabilized oil production.
  • Minimized pores.
  • Restored epidermal barrier.

Is the RevitaPen Treatment Safe?

This is one of the few cosmetic treatments that is safe to use in pregnancy because retinaldehyde causes no inflammation and doesn’t adversely affect the uterus. It is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Is the RevitaPen Treatment Painful?

The RevitaPen usually causes no pain. The treatment is so gentle that it is suitable for the eye area and the lips.

Are There Any Side Effects?

The RevitaPen treatment is a non-invasive, healing treatment. It causes minimal side effects, such as potential redness from the skin stimulation and increased circulation. All side effects typically subside after a few hours. Some patients also experience dry skin and mild flaking after the treatment.

How to Prepare for a RevitaPen Treatment?

The RevitaPen is a safe procedure that causes no inflammation or dermal trauma. However, for maximum safety and optimal results you need to follow certain steps to properly prepare for the procedure.

  • Avoid using prescription topical tretinoin for three days.
  • Avoid Accutane for six months.
  • Avoid using salicylic acid and glycolic acid for at least 7 days before and after the treatment.
  • Don’t wax the treatment area for 24 hours.
  • Avoid the sun two weeks before the treatment.

Your chosen RevitaPen provider will assess your medical condition before the treatment and determine if the treatment is suitable for you.

RevitaPen Results

For the best results, skin experts recommend an initial set of three to six treatments spaced two weeks apart and maintenance treatments once a month.

You will notice the first beneficial effects 24 hours after the treatment. Your skin will appear plumper, tighter, and hydrated, with a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You can expect peak results after about two weeks. The treatment stimulates collagen production for 30 days, and you should schedule a maintenance treatment within that period to continue the effects of the procedure.

RevitaPen Treatment Cost

At Vibrant Skin Bar, one RevitaPen Infusion session costs $199.

The treatment cost depends on the expertise and location of your chosen cosmetic provider.


RevitaPen Infusion is among the safest, gentlest beauty treatments today. It has powerful healing and rejuvenating effects on the skin, providing various benefits to the skin.

Contact our skin care professionals at Vibrant Skin Bar to schedule a consultation and learn how to refresh your look with RevitaPen.

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