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Botox Pros and Cons: What to Consider Before Getting Botox

Kristina Cadwell  
December 29, 2020  
Botox is so popular it probably doesn’t need an introduction! Botox is the most popular non-surgical aesthetic procedure in the world. It is a cosmetic treatment for wrinkles, a fact known to most people, but it is also used in medicine for treating some muscle conditions. In both instances, it works in the same way: it paralyzes muscles, which leads to straightening the skin that covers them.

Botox is short for its Latin name, “botulinum toxin,” and it’s a bacterium that lives freely in nature and causes botulism in humans – a fatal form of food poisoning. But don’t worry, the Botox that aestheticians work with is very pure and diluted, and it will only interrupt nerve impulses to muscles. That is why it’s especially great on the face – it treats dynamic wrinkles caused by movements of underlying muscles, so when they are injected with Botox, they relax and stop contracting, enabling smooth skin with no wrinkles.

Millions of people receive Botox treatments every year, and it is a very safe procedure, but first-timers often ask whether they should take the plunge. Even though studies have found an average of one side effect per several thousand procedures, there may be some side effects. These side effects can be minimized if you go to a reputable clinic whose injectors have had ample experience and possess excellent working knowledge of facial anatomy.

When you think about whether you should undergo Botox for the first time, you should get your info from those who administer it daily. While it’s an excellent treatment with astonishing results, Botox is not for everyone. So what are the pros and cons of Botox? We’ll list them in this piece so you can make your decision ahead of your consultation with the expert.


1. It Really Works

Botox has been proven to work and is FDA-approved. There are literally millions of clients happy with their results. Not only does it work, it practically erases wrinkles for 3 months. It’s not a fad – Botox does work, and it works very well.

2. It’s Quick and Almost Painless

It can only be days between your first thought of getting Botox and you sitting in the chair at a clinic or a medspa. The procedure is pretty fast; it takes about half an hour, including initial consultation and preparation. The injecting itself only takes 5-10 minutes! Even though Botox is administered via needles, they are extremely small, and they don’t hit any nerves. Once the procedure is complete, patients don’t feel pain.

3. There Is No Downtime

In most cases, there is no downtime with Botox. Some patients may have tiny bruises on the places where the needle hit the skin, but that is about it. Avoid heavy exercise the day of injection and wait 2 weeks before having your next facial.

4. The Results Are Quick

You will see the results of Botox – i.e., your smooth, wrinkle-free skin – within 2-7 days but it will take 2 weeks for the full result. If you want to see the full result within 3 days, Dysport would be the neurotoxin treatment of choice.

5. It’s Not Permanent

You can decide whether you want to continue doing Botox or you would rather go to the way things were. If you don’t love your results, you can just let Botox wear off in several months, and you will look as if you never had anything done.

6. There Are Few Risks

Botox is a relatively low-risk treatment. It has been researched thoroughly, and most of its risks actually exist when the patient is not in good health or the injector is not a professional. Sometimes unlicensed injectors use rip-offs of Botox that can cause harm. Avoid these risks by going into a clinic that is known for its good practice.

7. The Benefits of Botox Are Not Just Aesthetic

The primary purpose of aesthetic Botox is erasing wrinkles, but it can also reduce excessive sweating, relax muscle pain, and help with migraine relief. For those patients who grind their teeth during the night, Botox can be the solution as well. We wrote an entire post explaining this use of Botox, so if that’s something that’s bothering you, do take a look!


1. It’s Not Permanent

We already listed this in the “pro” list, and it’s a fact: the results of Botox being only temporary is both a good and a bad thing. If you like your Botox results, you will have to have it injected at least twice a year to maintain the wrinkle-free look. The results usually last three to six months, and that’s how often you will need to receive your injections.

2. It Can Trigger Allergic Reactions

Some people may exhibit allergic reactions to Botox. Should this happen, it’s essential to either be injected by a doctor or a physician assistant. If the response is treated immediately, it is most likely not to leave any consequences.

3. Some Facial Expressions May Be Lost

The trick with the main feature of Botox, its ability to paralyze muscles, is that it can warrant results that you may not like, in addition to erasing wrinkles. When improperly injected, Botox may cause the appearance of a constantly frowned or surprised look or prevent squinting. Basically, it can lead to a lack of proper facial expression.

4. It’s Costly

Paying for Botox several times a year is not exactly a walk in the park. Plainly put, Botox is relatively expensive. A single unit at our practice costs $12, but the procedure may cost anywhere from $250 to $1500, depending on where you want it injected and how much Botox is needed. If you’re based in Phoenix, we advise you to look at our Membership offers , where you can save money on your regular Botox treatments!

5. It Can Take Several Tries

Sometimes patients don’t get amazing results after their first Botox but need to come again and have the mistakes repaired. However, this rarely happens with experienced injectors who know their Botox and your face. But be wary that this can happen if you go to an injector that’s not experienced or licensed.

6. There Can Be Side Effects

Most side effects of Botox are mild and don’t cause any major discomfort, such as bruising and swelling at the injection site, as well as some headaches. But some major issues can occur in a tiny percentage of patients, such as neck pain, upper respiratory tract infection, nausea, minor loss of speech, eyelid drooping. Should this happen to you, make sure to consult with your physician immediately.

As always, we cannot emphasize enough how important it is to only go into a reputable clinic whose staff has been trained and experienced in administering Botox. Only then will you minimize the chances for anything to go wrong and end up with beautiful results.


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