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Lip Filler Aftercare: What You Should Do and Avoid After Lip Filler Treatment

Kristina Cadwell  
September 23, 2020  

Dermal fillers are a great way to enhance the natural look of your lips. They add volume and create the perfectly shaped, soft, and kissable lips you’ve always wanted.

If you’re a newbie to the filler world and would like to know the basics, read our blog post on fillers in general. Here, we’ll cover lip filler aftercare, what to do to reduce pain, swelling, and bruising, and how to get the most of your fillers. Read on to find out more.

What you should know about Lip Fillers and Lip Filler Aftercare

Lip Filler Aftercare Tips 

Lip filler aftercare centers around what you should avoid after getting lip fillers, and what you should do to speed up recovery time.

There is no downtime after getting lip fillers. However, the body needs time to fully heal, so give it a helping hand by following the tips below. 

What You Should Avoid After Getting Lip Fillers 

Lip fillers require no downtime, and you can go about your everyday activities right after the treatment. However, there are some things you should avoid to minimize the chances of bruising and swelling.

1. Steer Clear of Strenuous Exercise for 48 Hours

Strenuous physical activity increases the heart rate and blood flow and may cause swelling and bruising. Avoid jogging, swimming, and other vigorous exercise for 24-48 hours after the procedure.

2. Watch Out for Medications

For 24 to 48 hours prior to the scheduled treatment, avoid blood thinners such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and fish oil. These medications and supplements increase the chance of bleeding and bruising associated with the treatment.

3. Avoid Laser Treatments

Avoid laser treatments soon after you’ve had a filler injection. If you’re planning a laser treatment, postpone it for at least two weeks after the injection. Lasers generate a lot of heat, and it can cause the filler to break down and dissolve more quickly than it usually does.

4. Don’t Use Makeup Too Soon

If you can, wait at least 24 hours before applying makeup to your lips. Applying previously used or opened lipstick on your freshly injected lips is a definite no-go because of the risk of infection. It’s important not to apply too much pressure.

P.S. Kissing also counts as pressure, so keep that in mind!

5. Avoid Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol expands blood vessels and increases the chances of swelling and bruising after injury. To minimize the chances of these side effects, don’t drink alcohol at least 24 hours before and after the procedure.

How to Improve Recovery Time After Lip Fillers?

While there is no downtime with lip fillers, it takes some time for your body to heal and incorporate the fillers. There are a few simple things you can do to accelerate this process.

1. Drink Water 

Drinking water is an essential part of lip filler aftercare. Provide your body with lots of simple fluids. Water is best. It will help with the natural healing process that happens after your body receives something strange – which is how it sees the filler. Hydrating fruits and vegetables will also help. 

2. Be Careful with the Food!

If your injector has used an anesthetic cream, it may numb your lips. The effect can last for several hours. That means that you won’t feel much going on around your lips, and that can be dangerous. For instance, you may take a bite or a sip of something hot and not feel it — but your lips will. You may also accidentally bite yourself and cause a bruise.

3. Ice, Ice, Baby

As with any swelling, a simple ice pack or even a bag of frozen veggies really helps. Wrap it in a towel because touching your swollen and sensitive lips with direct ice may result in freezing them. For other crucial tips, read our article on how to reduce the swelling after lip fillers.

4. Sleep Elevated

To avoid blood pooling in the treated area, use an extra pillow during sleep to keep your head elevated.

What Side Effects Should You Watch Out for?

You should know up front that some mild swelling and bruising are to be expected. They usually resolve after several days. Other common side effects are redness and pain.

Very few patients experience severe swelling and bruising, allergies, signs of infection, excessive peeling, and cold sores. If you experience severe side effects, call your injector immediately. They may also ask you to come in after two weeks to see what your final results look like and if there’s any need for a touch-up.

Common Questions About Lip Filler Aftercare

Here are some common questions about Lip Filler Aftercare:

Can I Put Lip Balm on After Lip Fillers?

You can apply a lip balm after your treatment, but only if it hasn’t been previously opened. Apply it gently because pressure may cause swelling.

How Long Do Lips Stay Swollen After Fillers?

Swelling after lip fillers usually goes away within one week.

Is It Good to Massage Your Lips After Fillers?

Don’t massage your lips after the treatment. Applying any pressure to the injected lips may cause swelling and bruising. However, your medical practitioner may lightly massage the treated area to remove any lumpiness.

Can You Sleep on Your Side After Lip Fillers?

It is best to sleep on your back for 24-48 hours after the lip filler procedure. Sleeping on your side may cause the filler to shift, resulting in asymmetric lips.

How Long Do Lips Hurt After Fillers?

Pain after lip filler injections usually goes away after about two weeks. Use painkillers to reduce the pain, but make sure to consult your doctor about which drugs you can safely use. If the pain doesn’t go away after two weeks, notify your injector.

Can I Vape After Lip Fillers?

During vaping (and smoking), the lips pucker. This muscle movement puts pressure on the lips and should be avoided for at least 24 hours after a lip filler treatment.


Lip filler is a popular cosmetic treatment that plumps the lips and gives them a sensual look.

Though the procedure is quick and requires no downtime, certain aftercare procedures are required for the best results. Make sure you apply them in consultation with your medical practitioner.

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