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How Can Botox Help You Slim Down Your Face?

Kristina Cadwell  
November 2, 2020  

Botox for face slimming? Is that even a thing? Yes, it’s very much a thing. If you feel your cheekbones are hidden by your sagging skin, or if you just always had a chubby-looking face. It may not have anything to do with your actual weight. You can be the slimmest person you’ve ever known, but your face shape doesn’t (necessarily) depend on how much you weigh. Blame genetics! If you feel your face is too bulky or too square, it’s possible to enjoy a slimmer looking jaw in just half an hour! The answer to your square face is Botox for jaw slimming.

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But Botox Is For Wrinkles, Right?

That’s right. Botox is a popular treatment for wrinkles – in fact, it’s the most popular non-surgical treatment in the world! Botox is an injectable neurotoxin made of botulinum toxin, a substance found in nature. Once injected into the muscle, it temporarily paralyzes it by blocking signals coming through nerves – hence the name neurotoxin. Botox can treat medical conditions, such as migraines and certain conditions that affect nerves or muscles. However, to the non-medical public, it’s most known for smoothing out wrinkles. Botox is used for dynamic wrinkles, which means those that appeared due to the muscle under the skin engaged in repetitive movements for years. Once the muscle is paralyzed, the skin covering it is smooth. Botox is now a staple at every beauty clinic, mostly for forehead lines, vertical lines between the eyebrows, and lines around the eyes – so-called crow’s feet.

However, the list of issues that Botox can treat is pretty impressive, and in addition to erasing wrinkles, Botox can be used to contour and slim the face! This is done by injecting Botox into the masseter muscles, the ones responsible for the chubby look of your face.

What Are Masseter Muscles?

The masseters are facial muscles located in the rear lower jaw. They appear on each side of the face, and they are responsible for chewing, talking, and eating. This sounds silly, but the more you chew or move your jaw, the more these muscles grow. Think of it as a sort of building! You exercise the muscles, they grow, resulting in a more square-looking face. Now, of course, this doesn’t mean that you need to start a liquid diet – genetics play a big part. Another issue that is responsible for larger masseters in many people is bruxism. Bruxism is involuntary teeth grinding at night, and it can last for hours each night.

Teeth-grinding and jaw-clenching are not only unpleasant in terms of the looks they give you over time. These unconscious activities can be painful, as well. Many people don’t even know they’re clenching their jaw all the time, but feel the tension in the face. Others have severe headaches due to teeth grinding.

Injecting Botox into these muscles helps to reduce their activity. You will be able to chew, but they will appear smaller, and it will be as if they’re taking a break. Masseter reduction with Botox is a simple way to slim down your face, and it can have a fantastic effect on facial contours.

When Can Botox for Face Slimming Help?

Botox for facial slimming cannot always help. If your problem is one of the following:

  • your natural facial structures are such that you have chubby cheeks (but are not otherwise chubby!), or a prominent jaw bone structure
  • you have a weak chin
  • or your jaw hypertrophied due to bruxism or jaw-clenching,

Botox can give you a slimmer jawline in a quick procedure that doesn’t hurt.

How Does Botox for Face Slimming Work?

We explained how Botox works in general. This use of the neurotoxin is also based on its feature to paralyze the muscles where injected. After the masseter muscles have been injected with Botox, they will paralyze and shrink in size, resulting in a jawline that’s more feminine. And that’s it!

Is Botox Approved for Facial Slimming?

Botox has not been approved for this specific procedure yet, but Botox works all the same no matter where injected. It relaxes the muscle where injected, whether you do it underneath a wrinkle or a strong jaw.

Reputable and experienced injectors will know exactly how to treat your masseter muscles, so make sure to choose a clinic you can trust.

What Is the Botox for Facial Slimming Procedure Like?

Just like other Botox procedures, this one is fairly quick and simple, too. Basically, it’s a walk-in procedure! Your injector will first examine your face and assess your masseters’ strength. If you’ve ever had Botox done for wrinkles, you know what comes next. He or she will mark the injection sites and then prep your skin for injections with alcohol. Then Botox will be injected into the muscles with a tiny needle. Don’t worry about any pain – but if your pain threshold is naturally low, you may ask for numbing cream. After the injections, you’re free to walk away or drive your car and go about your day as usual.

How Many Treatments of Botox for Facial Slimming Do I Have to Undergo?

This is a question only your injector can answer. As with any aesthetic procedure, this is highly individualized, so we cannot tell for sure. It’s essential that your face ends up with an even look, because the injector has to take care of both sides of the face. Some people only need one treatment and then additional check-ups to see whether any tweaks are needed. Others require several treatments. Don’t worry about it – your injector will know best!

How Long Do the Results of Botox for Face Slimming Last?

You’ll see your results in about a week, and then they’ll settle in the next several weeks. However, Botox does not offer permanent results. As long as it works, the muscle is relaxed. But the effect wears off over time, and the muscle is put in motion again. Talk this through with your injector, and you’ll get a more thorough answer because it depends on your treatment plan, as well as your genetics. The results of Botox usually last for three to six months. During this period, avoid activities that exert your masseter muscles, and you’ll be able to preserve the results for longer. This means no chewing gum and no tough foods, please!

When Will I Recover from the Botox for Face Slimming Treatment?

As this is a non-surgical treatment, you won’t need any specific recovery. As with any neurotoxin and any injectable, it’s possible you suffer minor bruising and swelling around the places where Botox was injected. But sometimes, this may not appear.

There’s no downtime after Botox, and you’re free to resume your day as if you went for a brow wax!

Will I Be Able to Speak and Eat After Botox for Facial Slimming Treatment?

Yes, of course! Our goal is not to disable you for half a year – just give you a subtle (or less subtle!) facial slimming for those features you want. Some people have a “softer” feeling when they bite down, while others can feel a bit strained after chewing for a long time. But this is usually reserved for periods shortly after the treatments. If you’re cautious for about a week after your procedure, you’ll be fine.

How Much Does It Cost?

Bear in mind, Botox is considered an aesthetic procedure and is not covered under insurance. (Even if you come in for the procedure due to teeth-grinding or jaw-clenching.)

Pricing varies on the state and the area you live in, and the amount of Botox used.

It usually takes 20 units of Botox per side to achieve the slimmed effect you want. For reference, you can take a look at our price list on the website. We are a beauty clinic in Phoenix, Arizona, and our price per unit is $12. If you know the exact number of units because you’ve had the treatment done before, you can buy it in our online shop!

What Else Do I Need to Know?

While Botox is a great way to slim down your face that’s square and boxy due to masseter muscles, some cases may require surgery. That happens when it’s not masseter muscles to blame for the face shape, but the squarish jawbones. Whatever the case, talk it through with your injector, who may refer you to a plastic surgeon. Find a person you trust, and let them work their magic for your slimmer face!

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