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Under-Eye Filler: All You Need to Know

Kristina Cadwell  
February 22, 2024  

Dark circles and hollowness in the under-eye area greatly contribute to a tired, older look. They are typically the result of collagen loss and the consequent loss of volume in the under-eye area. Such changes are most often attributed to aging or genetics.

As a quick fix, many people use concealers to disguise the unflattering look. However, innovations in the cosmetics industry now provide longer-lasting results. One such solution is getting an under-eye filler.

This article explains how under-eye fillers work and what results to expect from the procedure.

Under eye dermal filler

What Are Under-Eye Fillers?

Under-eye or dermal fillers are injections of a gel-like substance in the treated area. The active ingredients of fillers boost the production of collagen and elastin, adding volume and rejuvenating the skin.

Not all dermal fillers are the same, as they differ in their main active ingredient. The most common active ingredients of dermal fillers are hyaluronic acid, poly-l-lactic acid, and calcium hydroxylapatite. Filler providers typically use hyaluronic acid (HA) for tear troughs.

What Is the Best Under-Eye Filler?

Medical providers choose different filler types for the under-eye area depending on the patient’s desired goals, their health, the severity of wrinkles, and other skin concerns.

Most providers steer away from poly-l-lactic acid and calcium hydroxylapatite fillers because they are more likely to cause lumps and can’t be dissolved. For the under-eye area they typically use HA fillers.

Our bodies naturally produce hyaluronic acid, so HA dermal fillers rarely cause severe side effects such as allergic reactions and lumps. The most popular HA dermal fillers for the under-eye area are Juvéderm, Restylane, and Versa.

Note: This article on the best fillers for under the eyes provides more details and recommendations for specific filler types.

The main advantage of HA dermal fillers over others is that they can be dissolved with a natural enzyme called hyaluronidase. This is useful when the patient is unhappy with the results.

Under-Eye Filler Benefits

Under-eye fillers build collagen and elastin, helping to give you a more youthful look.

You may expect the following benefits from a dermal filler treatment:

  • Restored volume under the eyes
  • Brighter under-eye area
  • Reduced dark circles
  • Reduced appearance of fine lines
  • Reduced puffiness
  • More youthful look
  • Immediate results that last up to 12 months

It is important to determine whether the discoloration and hollowness in the under-eye area are the result of pigmentation issues. In the case of hyperpigmentation, dermal fillers can’t help. For this reason, it is best to consult your medical provider to determine the cause of darker skin under your eyes.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Under-Eye Fillers?

You are a good candidate for dermal fillers if the loss of volume in your under-eye area is caused by aging or genetics.

If dark circles under your eyes are the result of hyperpigmentation or lifestyle, dermal fillers can’t help you.

The procedure may not be safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women. It is also not recommended for smokers because smoking may inhibit the healing process. 

How to Prepare for the Under-Eye Filler Treatment

If you are considering an under-eye treatment, the first step is to come in for a consultation with your chosen medical provider. They will examine your medical history and take a close look at your under-eye area to determine the cause of the issue and discuss your desired results.

Your medical provider may instruct you to stop using blood-thinning medications one or two weeks before the procedure. Doctors also advise refraining from alcohol for several days and avoiding chemical peels, laser, and other more invasive treatments for several weeks.

What Can You Expect During the Under-Eye Filler Procedure?

The treatment involves injecting one or two syringes of filler under the eyes, below the orbicularis oculi muscle. The medical provider may use several tiny needles or a longer cannula, which requires a single injection.

The treatment lasts 10-15 minutes. If you have a low pain threshold, your medical provider will apply a topical numbing cream to the treatment area. This adds 30-40 minutes to the procedure. 

Is the Under-Eye Filler Procedure Safe?

Under-eye fillers are safe when performed by experienced, board-certified skin experts. Most fillers are not FDA-approved for cosmetic under-eye procedures (apart from Juvéderm Volbella and Restylane Eyelight), but they are widely used as an off-label treatment.

To ensure the safety of the procedure, stop taking blood thinners before the procedure, as instructed by your doctor. Also, avoid alcohol to minimize the chance of bruising and swelling.

Choose a board-certified medical practitioner, as the skin around the eyes is delicate and full of blood vessels. An experienced provider with specialized knowledge will know what to do to avoid incorrectly injecting the filler, causing injury.

Does Under-Eye Filler Hurt?

Patients report minimal pain and only a mild pricking sensation or pressure during the under-eye filler treatment. Some patients feel unease from the needle’s proximity to the eye.

The numbing cream ensures minimal discomfort during the procedure. 

The Under-Eye Filler Procedure Results

Under eye filler results - before and after treatment.

Under-eye fillers effectively reduce wrinkles, under-eye hollowness, and other signs of aging and tiredness in the area. They provide instant results without any downtime. A skilled medical provider will ensure the fillers bring the desired results while maintaining the patient’s natural look.

How Long Do Fillers Last Under the Eyes?

The longevity of under-eye filler results depends on the filler type and the candidate’s lifestyle. HA fillers for tear troughs typically last between six months and a year, unless alcohol, nicotine, sun exposure, and other skin-damaging factors cause a faster filler breakdown.

Is Under-Eye Filler Reversible?

Most under-eye fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, making them reversible. If the injection causes the formation of lumps under the eyes or the patient doesn’t like the outcome for other reasons, the medical provider can inject the enzyme hyaluronidase into the region, dissolving the hyaluronic acid.

What Happens When Under-Eye Filler Wears Off?

When the under-eye filler wears off, the skin reverts to its original state, showing wrinkles, hollowness, and other aging signs. Filler patients usually seek another treatment to continue its anti-aging effects.

What Are the Downsides of Under-Eye Fillers

The main downsides of under-eye fillers are short-lived results compared to some other filler types.

When performed by experienced, board-certified medical providers, dermal fillers rarely cause serious side effects. Mild side effects of fillers usually disappear within a week and include:

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Redness

Rare and moderate side effects include:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Rash

Very rare and severe complications include:

  • Tissue necrosis
  • Blindness

Severe complications are more likely if you choose an inexperienced, non-medical provider. Without expert knowledge of anatomy and extensive experience injecting fillers, your provider may mistakenly inject the filler into a blood vessel, resulting in tissue cell death (necrosis) or blindness, in the very worst case.

Under-Eye Filler Aftercare

The following under-eye filler aftercare tips minimize the chances of side effects:

  • Apply ice packs to the treated area several times a day.
  • Sleep with your head elevated.
  • Don’t bend below the waist for 24 hours.
  • Avoid exercise for 24 hours.

Consult your medical provider for additional aftercare recommendations.

Under-Eye Filler Cost

At Vibrant Skin Bar, under-eye dermal filler prices range from $625 to $850 per syringe. The total cost depends on your under-eye issue and desired effects.

Check out the Vibrant Skin Bar’s price list for more information on the costs of under-eye filler.


Under-eye fillers are a popular cosmetic treatment for dark circles and a tired look caused by aging or genetics. The procedure is safe and minimally invasive when performed by skilled professionals.

Do your research and weigh the pros and cons of each filler to find the best filler for under the eyes.

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