Kybella Aftercare: Top 9 Things You Need to Know

Kybella, beautiful woman's neck

Double chin, submental fat, lack of a well-defined jawline… Kybella treats all these issues. If you are interested in Kybella treatments to get rid of unwanted neck fat, here is what you need to know about Kybella aftercare.

1. Don’t touch, press, rub, massage, or manipulate the treatment area for 3-5 days after treatment!

An extremely basic precaution that helps aid the healing process, and discourages bruising, pain, and discomfort. Look all you want but avoid touching and further irritating the area.

2. If a pain reliever is needed, avoid NSAIDS and take an over-the-counter acetaminophen (i.e. Tylenol) to decrease post-treatment discomfort.

To allow for natural healing mechanisms to take place in the body, avoid NSAIDS (Ibuprofen, Motrin, and Advil) or any type of oral or injectable anti-inflammatory.

3. Try sleeping on your back with your head elevated for the 3-5 days following treatment.

Elevate the head above the level of the heart with 1-2 pillows to assist in decreasing swelling.

double chin before treatment

4. Drink plenty of water and fluids after treatment.

Staying hydrated is always important, especially so after a treatment that requires your body to double-time while healing.

5. Avoid vigorous exercise, sun and heat exposure for 3-5 days after a treatment.

Take it easy on yourself after your Kybella treatment! Stay out of the gym, keep out of the heat, and let your body heal. This is your time to relax.

6. Watch your vitamin and supplement intake! Avoid the following at least 3 days to 1 week after treatment:

Niacin supplements, Gingko Biloba, Garlic, Flax Oil, Cod Liver Oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin E or any other essential fatty acids. These items can increase bleeding and bruising, and we want you to heal ASAP. So take a close look at what’s in that multi-vit following your Kybella treatment!

7. For the 24-48 hours after your treatment, try to avoid the somewhat guiltier daily pleasures you might usually enjoy, such as:

Alcohol, caffeine, salty foods, high sugar foods, refined carbohydrates, spicy foods, and cigarettes. These items may contribute to increased swelling or irritation.

Before and after - 2nd treatment of kybella

8. Hold off on getting any additional cosmetic treatments where Kybella was just applied.

Treatments such as injectables, laser, ultrasound, peels, facials, or micro-dermabrasion to the same area where you have just received a Kybella treatment may have to wait a bit. Vibrant Skin Bar can assist and advise in coordinating specific treatment timing with other concurrent aesthetic services.

9. Contact your Vibrant Skin Bar expert ASAP if you experience anything out of the ordinary!

Please call us immediately if you develop any extreme symptoms, or if any existing symptom worsens. Such symptoms might include: Facial muscle weakness, asymmetric smile, skin ulceration at the treatment area, and difficulty swallowing.

We try to encourage patients to embrace the swelling (within in reason of course. If the swelling is extremely uncomfortable or is increasing significantly we need to know about it right away. If the swelling changes the ability to swallow or breathe, you need to call 911). Generally, patients that swell and avoid doing anything to reduce the swelling get better results, so keep that in mind!